The Groove Traders

The Groove Traders are band on a mission to ‘Groove’. Do get in contact if you are looking for a great Groove band full of Soul funk fusion reggae latin afro groove-beats & Jazz, to provide a great night of live music entertainment Led by Godin synth guitar endorsee Errol Thomas on lead and guitar synthesiser. With Babs on sweet soul and vocals and an almighty funky rhythm section that are ready to groove.

The GT’s are a collective and we love to play all the genres and have a saying it dose not mean a thing because the Groove is King.

Our set contains many classic soul and funk dance grooves and originals so that you just got to dance to. We are an East London based band.

For GT band info, mailing list, gigs and more hook up on the Groove Traders contact page on this website. To follow, be a friend and interact with the band go to The Groove Traders Facebook page.